On Rabbit Holes

On Rabbit Holes

by Trevor, 08/10/2018 10:57 PM EDT

There has been a boom in the rabbit population where I live over the last couple of years. When I step out of my car after returning home, I am almost immediately surrounded by cute and fluff.

Well, I've found more fluffy bunnies to pursue in my web design too. Rather than make content to fill out my pages, I've redone a number of internals.

I also finally added that footer I talked about in the first post. The CSS for that was particularly frustrating to figure out, but only because I'm picky about what I want. Which, of course, is that the footer be at the end of the content or the bottom of the page, whichever is lower. Can't have a proper footer hanging up in the air, now, can we?

See you next time.