Static vs. Dynamic

Static vs. Dynamic

Never underestimate how much work an engineer will put into being lazy.
by Trevor, 08/01/2018 11:09 AM EDT

My next grand adventure has been the setup of photo albums on this site, and I've run into the decision of whether I should just generate pages for everything or have the CMS handle finding image files and filling in albums every time they're loaded. Of course, I wouldn't generate static pages manually. I've already written a Python script to do that for me.

In favor of just making static pages:

In favor of seeking a dynamic solution:

So I guess the argument is about more than just ease of use in the future. It's also about saving time now or later. I've already decided it makes more sense for me to work towards a dynamic solution. This is one of the things though that makes it looks like I'm not making any progress on this site when in actuality a lot is happening behind the scenes. Maybe that's why I leave test items littered all about: so it feels like I'm actually doing something.